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Buy Remote Control Toys Online at Toys”R”Us India

Welcome to Toys"R"Us India, where the joy of play knows no bounds. Unleash your child's imagination and explore a world of fun with our incredible selection of remote control toys. Whether it's zooming RC cars, high-flying drones, or interactive RC robots, we have everything your little one needs to embark on exciting adventures.

As the leading online destination for kids toys in India, we proudly offer same day and next day delivery options, ensuring your child's playtime never has to wait. Let's dive into our captivating range of remote control toys and ignite your child's sense of wonder!

Buy Remote Control Toys for Every Adventure

Unleash the excitement with our wide range of remote control toys for every adventure. From lightning-fast RC cars and bikes to high-flying drones and helicopters, and even interactive robots, Toys"R"Us India has it all. Explore top brands like Majorette, Hot Wheels, Fast Lane, Sharper Image, Playzu, and Paw Patrol. With same day and next day delivery options, your child can dive into thrilling playtime experiences without delay. "Play Never Stops' at Toys"R"Us India!

Unleash the Speed with RC Cars and Bikes

Rev up the excitement with our collection of RC cars that guarantee high-speed action. From sleek sports cars to rugged off-road vehicles, Toys"R"Us India brings you the latest and greatest models from Majorette, Hot Wheels, and more. Let your child channel their inner race car driver as they conquer challenging tracks and race against friends. Looking for two-wheeled adventures? Our range of RC bikes will have your child performing stunts and mastering daring maneuvers in no time.

Soar to New Heights with Remote Control Drones and Helicopters

Prepare for take-off and experience the thrill of flying with our selection of remote control drones and helicopters. From aerial acrobatics to capturing breath-taking footage, these drones are perfect for aspiring pilots. Let your child's imagination soar as they pilot these incredible machines, exploring new heights and discovering new perspectives. With brands like Sharper Image and Playzu, the sky is no longer the limit.

All Aboard! Remote Control Trains for Endless Fun

Choo-choo! Our collection of remote control trains is perfect for young conductors and train enthusiasts. Watch as your child's eyes light up with joy when they take control of these locomotives. With realistic sounds, working lights, and easy-to-use controls, these trains provide hours of entertainment. Let your child build their own railway kingdom and create exciting scenarios with remote control trains from Toys"R"Us India.

Interactive Fun with Remote Control Robots

Step into the future with our range of remote control robots that combine technology and play. These interactive companions will captivate your child with their advanced features and lifelike movements. From dancing and singing to responding to voice commands, these robots become friends and playmates. Encourage your child's curiosity and spark their interest in science and technology with remote control robots from top brands like Paw Patrol.

At Toys"R"Us India, we understand the importance of play in a child's life. With our diverse collection of remote control toys, we strive to create endless opportunities for imagination, exploration, and fun. Enjoy the convenience of same day and next day delivery options, ensuring your child never has to wait.