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Animal Alley Huggable Lovable Soft Toy Elephant and Monkey EF 20cm

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If you are a monkey Soft Toys lover, then you are welcome to our love lodge. Here we will introduce our products in detail. I hope you enjoy shopping!
- Description:
Our MonkeySoft Toys has a lovely appearance, of course, as your long-term playmate, we are also special in the production of the heart, to ensure his safety and comfort, to bring you a pleasant feeling. I hope that our happiness and love in making it can be passed to you through it. It makes life more colorful.
- MonkeySoft Toys manufacturing
Our MonkeySoft Toys are hand-made. We firmly believe that through the use of our hands, we can transmit temperature more. Our workers are a group of cute bees.
MonkeySoft Toys 's skin uses soft plush, high-quality fillers, and highly elastic PP cotton.
Redesign. The facial expression is really cute and has a bow, it is more close to humanity.
- MonkeySoft Toys function
Our MonkeySoft Toys are very cute. You can either give them as gifts or collect them.
If you are a boyfriend, then you can give our MonkeySoft Toys as a gift to your girlfriend, let it convey love to her and accompany her.
If you are a mother or a father, you can give it to your child as a gift and let it stay with your child while you are busy, so that she is no longer alone.
If you are a child, you can also give it to your parents to express your love.
Of course you can also send it to friends or your own collection.
- MonkeySoft Toys Care
For good health, we should regularly wash our MonkeySoft Toys. This way you can keep it cute.
1. Hand wash, machine wash
2. The necessary measures to be taken according to the size when cleaning, small can be directly into the washing machine, soft wash, dry, and then you can gently tap the MonkeySoft Toys to make it fur, stuffy fluffy and soft. Large toys can find zipper seams, remove the filler, then put the outer skin into the washing machine, dry.-Animal Alley- ToysRus brand
Product Name Animal Alley Huggable Lovable Soft Toy Elephant and Monkey EF 20cm
Activity Indoor
Size 55 cm
Material Fabric
Product Weight (gm) 350
Product Width (cm) 12
Product Height (cm) 26
Assembly time NA
Gender Unisex
Product Length (cm) 5
Manufacturer Frantic Trading Pvt Ltd
Age Range 2-5 Years
Country of Manufacture India
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